Most Common Mistakes People Make in Water Heater Installation

After buying your water heater, ideally you should take the help of experts to get it installed. But sometime people try do finish the water heater installation by themselves and they end up making a lot of basic but deadly mistakes in this installation. Here, I am listing some of the common mistakes that people make in this installation and I would urge you not to make these mistakes in this installation.

Solder connection: In the process of water heater installation, you will have to solder water pipes with the water heater. The heat of solder it very high and it can melt the plastic as well. That is why it is advised that you remove the metal nipple from the top of your tank and you connect the pipes when your water tank is away from the heat. I

Discharge tube: In your water heater installation, discharge tube or overflow tube is very important. If you would install it without overflow or discharge tube, then it might cause a lot of problem in your heat and you would end up needing water heater repair. It may also increase the pressure in your heater and you might get some serious damage due to increased pressure and heat. So, it is advised that you do not make this mistake in this installation.

First use: In your water heater installation, first use is very important, but many people make a big mistake in its use. Before using water heater, you should fill the tank with water. If you would not fill the tank before turning it on, then it may have some damages in it. If you have an electric heater, then its filament can break and it might become useless for same. In case of gas heater, you can have some other issues. That is why you should not make this mistake as well while installing your water heater.