Things that Require Climate Controlled Storage Units

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When you need to make use of storage units, you need to make sure you consider whether or not you need to have a climate controlled unit. For nearly every person storing items in storage units, you will have to make sure you take inventory and figure out if you need to have a climate controlled unit. To make this decision you need to know what items require this type of storage and here is a list to help you out.

Wooden Furniture

These items can crack and swell when the climate conditions change on a regular basis.

Leather Furniture

These items can become discolored when stored in a location where the temperature and humidity changes drastically and regularly. As pricey as leather can be, you need to have a climate controlled unit.

Household Appliances

The mechanical and electronic parts of these items need to be protected from the temperature changes that can occur making this type of storage necessary.

Special Collections

When you have taken the time to collect rare, and valuable items you want them protected and climate controlled storage units can help you make sure they are.

Musical Instruments

Even when stored in their cases these items need to be protected from the elements and the changes in conditions that will be found in most storage units.


Whether you are protecting a valuable collection or your child’s finger painting you want to make sure you keep the items protected properly from the outside elements.


As one of the more common items that are stored and changed out on a regular basis clothing needs to be kept safe and free of the changing climate.

Business Documents and Inventory

When you invest your time and money into a business you certainly don’t want to have your items ruined because you had the wrong storage unit for them.


Your photos can easily become damaged if the temperatures change rapidly and regularly or have the humidity become altered making the need for climate control a must.


Similar to the appliances the electronics will become rusty on the inside if the moisture changes drastically or on a regular basis the temperature is being altered in a negative way.

For nearly every storage purpose the need for climate controlled storage units is a must. When you need to choose the right company for your storage needs, you have to consider what they have to offer. As you search for storage units near you, make sure the company you choose will have excellent climate controlled units for you to make use of. With the right storage unit, you can be certain the valuables you have collected over the years will remain protected and be in the condition you left them when you retrieve them.