Venturing to Biblical Studies with a Renowned Ministry School Curriculum

Surely, one of you have encountered someone having a Master’s or a PhD in Biblical Studies and left you wondering what is this all about. To satisfy your quench and curiosity about this, one of the places to look at is the Good Shepherd Ministries Internal (GSMI), a globally recognized ministry that offers the ISOM Program. ISOM is one of the internationally known ministry school curriculum options where one could obtain Associates Degree in the field. There are also Diploma courses offered in this school allowing one to explore the deeper and more relevant meaning of the field

The Core Principle of the School

Carrying the principle and objective of training workers for the end-time harvest and believing that God’s works can be achieved through the local church by being a shepherd for the massive mobilization educating people about God’s wisdom and acts.

Currently, a staggering 17,000 ISOM training schools are established in 145 nations with over 75 language extending its reach to interested individuals.

The Curriculum They Offer

ISOM is offered for 5 consecutive trimester engagements consisting of 32 teaching sessions and trainings. In total, this adds up to 160 sessions of teaching from renowned instructors including John Bevere, Reinhard Bonnke, Jack Hayford, Brian Houston, Joyce Meyer, A.R. Bernard, T.L Osborn and Bill Winston.

Trimesters are focused on three key areas of knowledge as well as character and gift. Specifically, trimester 1 and 2 focus on foundational instruction for young believers and also to the mature ones in their belief and faith. Furthermore, Trimester 3 and 5 are seen to hone and address leadership issues, skills training and the development of one’s character.

Over the years of its performance, ISOM has proven to be a tried-and-tested ministry training courses curriculum garnering an estimate of 330,000 students with fascinating performance results. To further extend this benefits to interested individuals, the program is also offered online to make everything a lot easier and available for pastors and churches.

Moreover, it is also important to take note that ISOM does not simply evolve on high theology but most importantly, it tackles the essence of practical training and impartation.

Expected Results

Undergoing the program for pastors and other interested people who want to start a school of their own would likely to have a convenient means of gathering and recruiting students who are also equally interested to undergo the field of Biblical Studies.

Pursuing the initial ministry school curriculum toward graduate and doctoral degree are also a possible option for individuals, especially if they particularly want to achieve a higher level of grasp on ISOM.